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About Us

In 1912, Everett Ernest Johnson opened a small electric light and appliance shop in downtown Nashua, NH on Park St., called Johnson’s Electric Shop. At this time many areas of Nashua, as well as surrounding communities, used gas for lighting and ice for refrigeration. Everett Johnson was one of the early pioneers of electricity, bringing electric refrigeration and electric lighting to homes. Soon thereafter came the electric range, washing machine, toaster and iron. Radio and television were soon to follow along with vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, washers, dryers and mixers. As the company grew, Johnson – who now had two of his sons (Ernest Gage and Everett, Jr.) working with him – moved his store several times until he finally settled at 209 Main St. In 1957 the business was incorporated and the name was changed to Johnson’s Electric Supply, Inc.

In 1986, Everett’s grandson Gregory Emerson Johnson, along with his four children, Peter, Pam, Kurt and Heather, moved the company off of Main St. to 18 Harbor Avenue. For several years the store operated with a small showroom for appliances and lighting, however, the major part of the business at this time was electrical contracting. Soon the showroom was reduced in size and lighting and appliance sales became secondary to the business.

In 2000, the company, under the direction of Everett’s great grandson Peter Johnson and his wife Tamara, opened a new lighting showroom at 33 Main Street, a busy downtown intersection, called Just Lights. The store featured a wide array of lighting products, lamp shades and a popular lamp repair service.  In 2002 the small showroom expanded to a second floor, creating the most diversified display of lighting and accessories in the area.

For the next ten years Just Lights served the Greater Nashua area from the small 2400 sq ft two-story showroom with very limited parking and on-site storage. While the business continued to increase each year, the cramped showroom space and lack of other amenities was becoming more of an issue.

In January 2013, Just Lights family and staff undertook the huge endeavor of relocating and expanding the showroom. We searched many site options but decided to renovate a portion of one of the original textile mills from the early 1800’s to house our enlarged lighting showroom. We are now positioned right at the entrance of the new Parkway project which will open up a direct access road to our Historic Millyard area, which has been accessible only by small downtown streets until now.

The mill buildings were instrumental in the city’s original river trade business and creation of the downtown business area. Unfortunately, they had seen declined use and maintenance or investment over the years. Just Lights is excited to be a very visible part of the efforts in pioneering the use of one of the neglected mill buildings into a retail business destination, with the goal of enticing many more businesses to follow suit.

The natural elements of the brick mill building effortlessly create a great backdrop to our lighting displays. The sandblasted and exposed brick walls, eight foot windows, high ceilings, galvanized duct-work and post and beam construction give the customer a warm and time-honored welcome into our 4000 sq ft showroom. We offer a mixture of traditional, transitional and contemporary lighting and accessories from which the customer can find the perfect fit for their style and taste without the clutter.

Just Lights is a family-owned and operated business. We strive to treat our customers with respect and professionalism. We have a very relaxed atmosphere with non-commissioned sales staff, allowing us to each spend time as needed with each customer. We do a lot of one-on-one guidance for our customers to be able to choose from our wide-ranging display of products—we encourage people to bring in their fabrics, paint colors or wood tones to help in the sometimes long and confusing process.

Products include quality lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, dimmers, lamp shades, medallions and lamp parts. Services include in-shop lamp repair and restoration as well as lighting design from a certified lighting specialist.

Proper lighting and lighting techniques can help make your home a showplace. In so many ways, lighting can make a difference. And, it does so inexpensively compared to other home decorating or remodeling options. Stop in for a visit to see how we can help you achieve the special look you envision.

Brighten up your home with something special from Just Lights.

Accentuating your days . . . Illuminating your nights.